Ported Money


Ported Money Insurance

Ported Money Insurance assures the values that can be damaged when porting from somewhere by a pay rolled staff and can be measured with money (cash, checks, bonds, commercial papers, etc.) under Theft Insurance General Conditions.

Ported Money Insurance assures the ported money and securities transported between businesses and banks or other businesses in these conditions:

In cases where threatened with a gun by third parties or due to the use of force of extortion and theft,

In cases where the transporting vehicle is involved to an accident or burning during transportation

And against any cases resulting from strike, riot, civil commotion, and any solitary or disciplinary movements, earthquakes, natural disasters, floods or fire.

Also, if the ported money is salary or the wage of the staff, it is included in the insurance guarantee provided that storing the money in a safe case in the office until 19:00 of the next day.

In order to give this assurance:

  • Area where the transportation is made
  • In what way the transportation is made
  • The frequency of the transportation
  • The number of people carrying
  • The maximum amount of cash and negotiable instruments carried at a time
  • And information such as annual total value should be known.

The losses occurred as a result of the abuse of the officers carrying the money, or the losses of misappropriation are beyond the scope of the assurance  (must be linked to the related assurance).