Personal Accident


+ What is the scope of the Personal Accident Insurance?

This insurance assures the insured in the period of the insurance under the conditions set forth in the policy against the consequences of accidents.

This policy purposes the term accident and sudden external event beyond the will of the insured as a result of death or the body is exposed to a fault.

+ What is the geographical boundaries of personal accident insurance?

This insurance is also valid beyond the TRNC frontiers.

+ Which guarantees does the Personal Accident Insurance covers?

Provided that specifying the given or non-given guarantees on the face of the policy, in addition to the following permanent disability guarantees, one or all of daily compensation and medical expenses may be given as guarantee.

A- Death Assurance

Any accident provided in the policy, if causes to an immediate death or in a year, insurance amount is paid to legal owners if no beneficiaries are absent.7

B-Permanent Disability Assurance

This is an insurance given against the risk the insured person cause immediately or within two years from accident date by an accident happened suddenly, exceptionally and out of the will of the insured person within the policy period.

C- Daily Indemnification

If insured is unable to work doe to an accident, he/she will be paid daily compensation specified in the policy. This compensation is paid from the day when medical treatment is begun until the day that the insured is able to work and this period does not exceed 200 days.

D-Treatment Cost Assurance

In the policy that the treatment costs are included in the policy assurance, proved that specifying separately, insurer pays the determined amount for the assurance in a year from the day of accident.