Emergency Health Insurance


What is “My Health is Safe Emergency Health Insurance”?

Emergency Health Insurance is the Insurance Type that provides assurance for any accident or disease within the scope of International 32 Emergency set forth by WHO.


This is an insurance covering doctor fees, medications, radiography, bath, massage, hospitals and other treatment expenses (excluding transport costs) that will appear within one year from the accident date by an accident happened suddenly, exceptionally and out of the will of the insured person from the starting date of policy during the policy period.

Who can benefit?

Emergency Health insurance is available for people who are residing in the TRNC and in the age group of 0-69.

In which Hospitals this Insurance is valid?

This insurance product applies to all contracted or non-contracted hospitals in TRNC and Turkey.

The insurers who has My Health is Safe Emergency Health Insurance will benefit from our discount in contracted hospitals for the conditions except from the emergency admissions.

Our insurers will be supported by the call center serving 24/7 in Turkish, English and German.

Contracted Hospitals

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus contracted hospitals list:

– Kolan British Hospital

– Private Başkent Hospital

– Famagusta Medical Center

– Famagusta Yaşam Hospital

– Nafia Bekiroğlu Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center

– Kolan Kyrenia Medical Center

– Near East University Hospital

– Near East University, Kyrenia Dispensary

– Near East University Guzelyurt Dispensary

– Near East University Famagusta Dispensary

More than 2,000 contracted healthcare provider in the Republic of Turkey

Traffic accidents: Situations that may arise due to accident-related organ or limb injury

Myocardial Infarction, Heart Attack: chest pain of obstructive formed in the circulatory system for a reason heart of feeding clean enough corresponding region of arterial blood transmission result of not occurring tissue death, blood pressure problems and developing states with a state of shock

Arrhythmias: Clinical manifestations characterized by the absence of equal heart rate

Hypertensive Crisis (Hypertensive Attacks):  Crisis situations regarding the elevated blood pressure up to dysfunction risks in heart, brain or renal functions

Acute Respiratory problems: Respiratory distress due to allergic causes contraction and contraction of lung airways

Life-threatening injuries (Life-threatening wounds):  Serious tissue damage caused by any traumatic (impact-dependent) injury

Life-threatening falls (Falling from height / life threatening): Traumatic serious tissue damage based injury caused by falling from a higher level to another

Life-threatening accident at work (Work-Related Accident / life threatening): all kinds of tissue damage happened while working in one’s job

Limb breakage (Split of any organs): Separating of any limb from the body’s integrity usually due to a trauma

Electrical shocks: Any permanent or temporary damages in subcutaneous, intravenous and tissue levels that is caused by exposure to high voltage electricity.

Freezing, cold shock (Freezings, cold stroke): Any permanent or temporary damages in subcutaneous, intravenous and tissue levels that is caused by exposure to excessive cold.

Burns, heat stroke: Any permanent or temporary damages in subcutaneous, intravenous and tissue levels that is caused by exposure to excessive heat.

Serious eye injuries, (Severe Ophthalmic Injuries): Serious tissue based injuries concerning the person’s eye/eyes

Choke: Any pathologies that may arise as result of choking of the airways with liquid

Life threatening poisonings & toxications: Any life-threatening intoxication conditions that may arise as result of breathing or digesting of any food, drugs or heavy metals.

Anaphylactic Conditions (Anaphylaxis):  Allergical conditions that is shocky and associated with respiratory distress and severe hypotension. For ex.: Penicillin allergy, scorpion and snake bites and etc.

Bone fractures (Bone breaks of lower extremity): Breaking the bone integrity by fractures due to impact, calcium deficiency or bone tumors.

Lower limb dislocations (Dislocations of lower extremity): Corruption of the skeletal integrity after dislocations.

Any situation which leads to unconsciousness: Sara crisis, a sudden drop in blood pressure, severe migraines, sugar level changes and all conditions that cause unconsciousness.

Sudden Paralysis: Usually due to vascular causes 1, 2 or 4 limb loses its ability to act, and the organs with deliberate functions will not work.

Diabetic coma: Any unconsciousness conditions that the person is unconscious and the body requires to function artificially induced these states as the result of the diabetes

Urea coma (Coma due to high urea level) Any unconsciousness conditions that the person is unconscious and the body requires to function artificially induced these states as the result of the blood urea and nitrogen metabolism.

Acute massive bleedings Acute abundant bleedings): Sudden onset and short duration of excessive bleeding, accidents due to internal organs and limbs bleeding, such as arterial injuries …

Meningitis, Encephalitis, Cerebral Abscess): meningitis (brain membrane inflammatory), encephalitis (brain inflammatory), Brain Abscess, (Head organs and brain resulting in brain fester membranes and membrane injections)

Coma of newborn infant: Any unconsciousness conditions that the newborn is unconscious and the body requires to function artificially induced these states as the result of the diseases of the newborn.

39.5 degree fever and above (from the axillary area): Elevated body temperature  due to the reactive struggle emerged in the course of infection that occurs due to fungal, bacterial or viral cause.

Foreign bodies in the airways: accidental or the result of external factors that prevent intake to airways due to a foreign body.

Foreign body subject to be affixed in Gastro-intestinal tract: Accidental or the result of external factors that prevent passage to the digestive tract due to a foreign body.

Onset Birth Activity / transportation and first examination are covered: Onset of the birth activity characterized by blowing out of the amniotic sac and water after the normal pregnancy period.

Severe eclampsia (Malignant Eclampsia): Table characterized by high blood pressure also known as pregnancy poisoning, protein loss and severe vomiting

Perforations (Organ Perforations): Breakdown of internal organs due to any reason

Cases of acute abdomen (Conditions called as “acute abdominal syndrome”): Sudden occurring and life-threatening conditions on the abdomen – (example: acute appendicitis, stomach perforation, bowel obstruction, abdominal inner membrane inflammation).

If the insured or the beneficiary pays the costs directly herself/himself beyond GÜVEN INSURANCE CYPRUS and IPA, he/she shall notify the company within 48 hours or if she/he is unconscious, she/he notify the company when her/his conscious is open.

Damage caused by the following reasons are not covered:

War, invasion, foreign enemy operation, conflict (whether or not war has been declared), civil war, rebellion, insurrection, terrorist attacks, military-disciplinary forces, losses resulting from civil commotions, damage caused by climatic conditions, situations arising from natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes,

Insured’s act as an accomplice.

The operations of the armed forces or security forces or organizations,

Anti-Terrorism Act 3713 specified in acts of terrorism and sabotage to avoid them and the interventions made by the competent authorities in order to reduce the impact,

As a professional, or medical expenses incurred due to the performance sports trainer in his capacity as an official competition or demonstration, the injury will occur during the performance of a dangerous sport and injuries (amateur aviation, gliding, gliding, parachuting, parasailing, paragliding, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, skiing rafting, scuba diving, horseback riding, etc.) to sports events and races (all kinds of sports, automobile, motorcycle racing, etc.) during any type of medical expenses that may occur, tests dissatisfaction during preparation or to attend the meeting with insurance licensed athletes , treatment and care are not covered.

Any fighting / damage caused by the insured involved in combat except in self-defense.

Insured’s acts that exposes him/her to serious danger, except from rescuing persons and properties in danger,

The ionization radiations resulting from any nuclear fuel or radioactive contamination or any nuclear explosive composition, chemical, biological or nuclear component of the radioactive, toxic and other hazardous properties directly or indirectly elders or medical expenses that they cause.

Hereby under this general terms, any fraudulent acts of who represents or mediates the policyholder.

Any costs and expenses related to any preexisting disease and illness and the costs arising from persistence and recurrence,

All kinds of tests and treatments not covered by collateral costs,

Suicide and Suicide Attempt

Decompression (Divers) Disease: Popularly referred to as of dying of the bends

Acute Psychotic Statements: Neurological or psychological illness that causes extreme aggression.

Started Birth Operations (Discharge of water pouch)

All aesthetic and plastic surgery, except from situations requiring a reconstruction resulted from a judicial accident during the validity duration of the policy.

All hazardous sports activities included but not limited to diving with breathing apparatus, aircraft and glider pilot, motorbike use (including driver and passenger), parachuting, parapant, delta wing flying, competitions and riding in competitions, skiing, etc …) are exempt nature of medical care.

Officially proclaimed epidemics and pandemics initiated in bad faith

The materials that are not regarded as medicine, all kinds of substances and chemicals registered by the Ministry of Agriculture, government of all kinds with all drugs being imported external prostheses and support prosthesis (Inpatient Treatment that can not be evaluated in the collateral within), to meet the body’s need for daily and / or used in order to protect public health vitamin and mineral combinations and / or nutrition regulatory preparations to (cane, strap, heels, coat hangers, moisturizers used in the home, the body externally attached devices, bandages, drugs taken injectors, belts, eyeglass-lens, lens solution, toothpaste, oral and dental care preparations, sterile sea water, etc.) and the costs of telephone, TV, cafeteria, administrative services and other expenses required for treatment as non-paramedical services and service charge,

If the non-contracted health care providers are used after making the required notification, total amount to be paid for the treatment/surgery can not exceed the average cost that will occur in the precedent hospitals.

Pregnancy and all complications and treatments due to pregnancy (except from the 29th and 30th Articles within the scope of the assurance)

Mild bleedings that will not cause hypovolemia such as vaginal bleeding, nose bleeding, etc.