Comprehensive Insurance

Be safe in traffic with comprehensive insurance.


Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance guarantees your car against all kinds of accidents and damages that may develop out of your control.

Also, Comprehensive Insurance covers the accessories of your car as long as specified in the policy, even they are out of the standards, and does not leave you in the lurch.

For example;

– If your car is hit when on the go or not, or any damages that occurs when your car hits another vehicle in the same conditions.
– When your vehicle is stolen or exposed to partial damage when attempted to theft.
– Any damages aroused from the pranks or the clumsiness of third parties.
– Damages occurred from grassroots movements such as strikes and terror.
– Damages aroused from natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms and hail.

These accidents may be shown as the examples covered in the Comprehensive Insurance. Better call us now to get more information!