Employer's Financial Liability


Employer’s Financial Liability Insurance

This is a kind of insurance assuring legal liability of the employer for damages of the employees, bound to the employer with a service contract in a workplace and subject to the Social Insurance Institution law, while fulfilling their obligations.

Compensation claims that can be claimed by employees working as bound to the employer with a labor contract, subject to the Social Security Institution and their beneficiaries,

Compensation claims on and outside of assistances provided by the Social Security Agency,

Compensations to be paid as a result of recourse claims filed by Social Security Agency and their court costs and attorney fees are included.

Issues to consider:

Accidents that may occur at the time of carriage of the employees to the workplace with the service vehicles provided by the employer,

Accidents occurring when the employee is sent to another place with a different duty by the employer and s/he doesn’t do his/her own business,

Occupational accidents occurring outside the country’s borders and  claims to be put forward due to occupational diseases and spiritual damages claims can be included in the scope of the policy.