Commercial Package Insurance


Your office is the place you spend more time than your home, risk of misfortune in your office is so much more than your house.

So, it is among our primary duties to safeguard your office. Office insurance assures the material losses and damages resulting from hammer, drill, demolishing, tilting, entering secretly by hiding, using force or unlocking, threats of commercial offices, warehouses, goods in these places and factories, and theft of equipment.

We would like to specify that the direct or indirect insurance will make a difference in any Insurance products such as Home Insurance, you should consult our sales person on this issue.

Home is one of the most important locations in everyone’s life. We now have a Home Insurance for the happiness of our beloved customers and the security of your home that you find your joys, sorrows, your peace, your loved ones and all the special memories.

All the material losses resulted directly from fire, lightning, explosion or smoke occurred from fire and explosion, heat and fuse are assured in accordance with the terms of the fire insurance general terms and provisions to the insurance amount.

Having your home and belongings insured by issuing a Home Insurance will make a difference in terms of living a worry-free life. Also, the conditions that are likely to be occur should be insured separately and correctly, we would like to state that this issue should be worked  on particularly.