Mechanical Breakdown Insurance


Mechanical Breakdown

Any damages occurred during operation of the manufactured or installed machinery and assemblies’ steam and gas engines, pumps, air compressions during work or revisions or place changes by means of unexpected damages will be secured with this insurance. Extensive comprehensive additional guarantee (collision, crash, overthrow, landsides, fire, lightning, earthquake, flood, etc.) for strikes, lockouts, disorders, civil commotions, terrorism and sabotage, express freight, overtime, holiday pay and hikes, foundation and base of the machine, moving machines (especially business machines) can be included to the assurance.

The purpose of the machinery breakdown insurance is to insure the machine against any damages from self and inside.

Electrical equipment, tanks, pressurized containers, air drums, pumps, blowers, fans, compressors, conveyors, cranes, open field mining units, stone soil cement industry, press industry, chemical and medical equipment industry, metal working industry, food processing industry, leather industry, water plants, power plants are the subject of the insurance.