Electronic Equipment Insurance


With advanced technology, it is impossible to work or manufacture without the electronic devices that are indispensable for us. Güven Insurance assures these devices each acquired with very high payments to guarantee your work to continue uninterrupted.

Electronic Equipment Insurances are insurance policies that compensate the damages in certain conditions of the equipment when working normally after the trial phase, or during any movement or cleaning, revision, maintenance for any unexpected damage.


  • Negligence, error, carelessness or sabotage of the operating personnel or third parties.
  • Theft or attempted theft where the insured assets are located,
  • Faulty design and materials,
  • Effects of short circuit, high voltage and eddy current,
  • Fire, lightning and any kinds of explosion and any rescue and destruction operations of these,
  • Blasting, roasting, blackening, smoke and soot,
  • Natural disasters such as storm, flood, landslide, land subsidence, excluding earthquake,
  • Water and moisture effects and the consequential corrosion damages,
  • The other cases that are not the exception, which requires financial loss and damage occurring assure repair costs and replacement costs.

Additional Coverages:

  • Mobile and Portable Devices
  • Earthquake
  • Strike, Lockout, Civil commotion, Malicious Movements and Terrorism