About Us

Following the introduction of insurance compulsory for the motor vehicles with the traffic law of 1957 in Cyprus, they started to be the agency of all TC-owned Turkish Insurance Companies Cyprus. After the establishment of ASBANK Ltd. and ASBAN Investment Co. Ltd. by the late Dr. Ahmet Cemal Adademir on 1986, as a result of the contacts with the authorities of Güven Insurance T.A.Ş. Ltd, that have established the Cyprus agency of Güven Insurance T.A.Ş. with an agreement signed between them in the same year.

On one hand, while the Insurance Sector in TRNC was united to a contemporary law with the act of 39/1993, on the other hand the authorities of Güven Insurance T.A.Ş. and Asbank Ltd. established the GÜVEN INSURANCE Cyprus Co. Ltd local company o December, 28, 1995 with the joint motion. Upon completion of establishment and entering the service, GÜVEN INSURANCE CYPRUS Co. Ltd. formed the core team of 6 people by adapting itself quickly to the new law and began its operations.

It entered into a rapid growth period thanks to its particularly customer-oriented quick and effective damage policy. The company first got to work on Asbank Ltd. Headquarters with the impact of this growth, and as the result of increased activities, moved to its building in Yenişehir in 2000. After carrying its operations in this building for 9 years, moved to the building owned by them and still in use in Köşklüçiftlik at 2009 and reached to its 10 people of ideal team by adding 4 new personnel to its staff.

Following Güven Insurance T.A.Ş’s transfer of its shares to Groupama Insurance, as a result of negotiations between two companies, Ahmet Cemal Adademir and his wife Asiye Adademir Education Foundation provided Güven Insurance Cyprus Co.Ltd to be a complete local company by purchasing the remaining shares of the company.

Our company which was established with TRY 5.000 of paid-up capital, is one of the industry’s most powerful companies in terms of financial structure with its TRY 4.600.000 of paid-up capital, TRY 4.500.000 of cash and 4.000.000 TRY of securities and real estates, after passaging of 60/2010 Insurance Services Regulation and Supervision law on 2010,